Furniture Upholstery

Furniture Upholstery & Leather Upholstery in Albuquerque & Santa Fe, NM

Our Team of Technicians Retains Years of Experience

Services at Walt's Top Shop don’t just stop at automotive upholstery; not by a long shot! Our team of technicians retains years of experience and stays abreast of all the latest furniture upholstery techniques on the market. If your sofas and chairs have started to look their age, why not schedule a trip to Walt’s?

What is Leather Upholstery? 

Leather upholstery is a technique used for removing and replacing old leather with new leather. Upholstering done right will successfully restore and carefully craft your piece as it once was before.  

Our team of custom upholstering specialists are very skilled and trusted by many to repurpose their old furniture. We carefully cut out and sew the new leather pieces and make sure that they are matched just right. 

We will provide you with the best furniture and upholstering service in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM areas. Whatever it is you may need upholstered, you can contact us or stop on in today!

Antique furniture upholstery Santa Fe, NM

The Benefits of Re-Upholstering Furniture

We all have favorite pieces of furniture that have seen better days. Your armchair, your couch: wherever you head to after a long day of work. There's nothing quite like your go-to recliner.  Our upholstery service allows you to preserve your furniture's longevity.

There are two questions you need to ask yourself before you decide to have your furniture re-upholstered.

The first: is this furniture you plan to keep for a while? Many professionals agree that older furniture is often much higher quality than new furniture. Re-upholstering older furniture may end up being a better investment than simply buying a new set, then, because you'll get sturdy furniture that looks like new instead of cheaper furniture that won't last.

The second: what is your furniture worth to you? Quality furniture upholstery can sometimes be expensive, but it's important to also factor in the sentimental value of the furniture along with the actual monetary value. If you use a certain piece of furniture every single day, then it's natural to grow attached to it. In these cases, re-upholstery can be an extremely valuable and cost-effective option.

Also offering boat upholstery!

We provide all clients with free quotes on service and can breathe new life into your favorite pieces. It’s really that simple! In addition to our furniture and automotive work, the team at Walt’s can also perform service on any boats or sea crafts.

Residents of Albuquerque, NM are often forced to endure blistering temperatures and dry conditions. Well, when you decide to go hit the water, why not do it in style? Speak with one of the folks at Walt’s today, and learn more about our boat and marine upholstery options.

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